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online coaching

Its your time, transform.

What's Included?

Transform with Thalia gives you access to an elite online platform, with all your plans ready to go at the click of a button, the ultimate pocket PT!

nutrition plan

A meal plan tailored to you and your specific goals.
 Delicious, nutritious, and NEVER boring - you tell me what you LOVE and I make sure you get it.

training plan

100% personalized and flexible training plan that aligns with your current levels, experience and lifestyle. Home or Gym, wherever you are - there is a perfect plan for YOU

24/7 Support

24/7 support from me, directly through the apps chat function. I will be ready to go and help you with any questions you may have, as well as form checks, tips, and any extra motivation you may need, to help push you closer toward your goals.

progress tracking

I will monitor your progress on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. You can easily track anywhere and any time. I will be making the right adjustments along the way to help challenge you, keep you accountable and ensure you achieve your goals.

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Supporting women of all ages, by ditching the diet, embracing the change, training with confidence and transforming the body, mind and soul.

Thalia Burt

There is always a way! 
If you simply do what you enjoy,

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Starting a health and fitness journey can be incredibly daunting and SO overwhelming…
But I have come up with a concept that allows you to LET GO and free yourself from the unnecessary stress.

Take out the guess work and let me create a plan that allows you to work WITH your lifestyle, ditch the diet and completely transform your Body, Mind and Soul.

After years of trying various yo-yo diets, fad diets, “workout trends” and ENDLESS stages of my life where I gave in to Binge eating and Bulimia,
I want to teach you how to include ALL the foods you enjoy and STILL reach your goals.
No more insane hours of cardio and bashing your body into the ground – let’s tailor a plan that fits perfectly into your busy schedule, and cater everything around YOU and what YOU need at this time of your life.

My mission in life is to educate you on how to make your health and fitness journey work WITH you and FOR you, not AGAINST you.